Governors / Llywodraethwyr

Welcome to our school website…

As Chair of Governors, I hope you are able to use the information contained throughout the website to discover a little about what we believe is a strong, vibrant and active school.

The community of Maindee Primary are extremely proud of the achievements and successes of all its pupils, staff and parents alike.

The website hopes to offer a flavour of the school and it’s aims. Clearly this presents a challenge, but by updating the site regularly using pupils to help, we believe it is a real asset to showcase our school.

As a representative of the governing body I am sure you will feel that the school continues to offers a quality of education and support which has been a cornerstone of our school for many years.

The opportunity to use modern technology and techniques means we can genuinely say we aim to develop a 21st century school to help all our pupil reach their true potential.

Aftab Ali

Chair of Governors