Communicating with Parents

Daily Communication

If you wish to talk to your child’s teacher about anything, then please make an appoint­ment for the end of school. Naturally, passing on a quick message is not a problem in the morning, but a matter that requires more attention can only be discussed at the end of the day.


Information is sent home on a regular basis, and this is done through SEESAW. Please read them carefully and note any important dates or details.

You will be sent reminders via SEESAW  and the website is updated regularly. Seesaw requires an invitation from your child’s teacher in order to subscribe.

Ypu can download the app using the Apple app store or Google play store.

Please contact the school if you need help adding Seesaw.

Parent Consultations

Parent Consultations take place twice a year and an end of year report is sent out in July. 

The school is very conscious of the safety of the children. Therefore, if you or anyone else will be collecting your child from school during the school day, please inform the class teacher . The class teacher will not let your child leave until she/he is sure that this has been done.