Meet the staff

Headteacher: Mrs Cueto


  • Mr Rowe Welch (Lower Phase Leader)
  • Mrs May
  • Mrs Steele


  • Mrs Prangley-Hunt (Professional Learning Lead), Miss Davies and Mrs Barrett
  • Miss Stewart and Mrs Arnold

Reception / Year 1

  • Miss Welch (Lower Phase Leader) , Mrs Howard and Mrs Solska / Mrs Latif

Year One

  • Miss Parcell and Miss Edwards

Year One / Year Two

  • Mrs Giles (Digital Leader) and Mrs Whiting

 Year Two

  • Mr Davies-Camplin, Mrs Bingham and Mrs Ford
  • Mrs Thomas and Mr Sedlak

Year Three

  • Mrs Brunsdon and Mrs Poyner
  • Miss Bruce

Year Three/Four

  • Miss Clarke

Year Four

  • Mr Jones

Year Four / Five

  • Mrs Waite and Mr Ford

Year Five

  • Mrs Tymms-Jones and Miss Preece (ALNCO)

Year Five / Six

  • Mr Baksh

Year Six

  • Mrs Marshall-Reddy (Upper Phase Leader)
  • Miss Jay


  • Mrs Davies-Camplin , Mrs King and Mrs Brunnock


  • Mrs Jones and Miss Moore

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

  • Miss Lynch
  • Mrs Lee
  • Mrs Smith

 Family Engagement Officer

  • Miss Hunt

Office Staff

  • Mrs Williams
  • Mrs Stokes

Site Supervisor

  • Mr Nash